Congratulations to our T-shirt Contest Winners!

I bet you were wondering who won the T-shirts...
Here are our winners (so far this year - keep trying!):
  May:  Robert Dods
  June:  Chris Powell
  July: Peter Watson
  August: Nancy Gruskowski
  September:  Kevin  Spelay

How do you get an "on-the-EDGE" T-shirt?
There are three ways:
1) Register for the contest using in the sidebar and cross your fingers
2) Comment on a post (you must first register) and cross your fingers
3) Buy one at the on-the-EDGE Store.

Contest Extended!
Yes! the contest is still on as we have extended it to the end of the year.  One ballot will be entered into the contest for your initial registration and for each comment you give to a Post - the more comments you make the more ballots you have.  There is a winner drawn each month!

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