Help Us, Tell Us... and Win a on-the-EDGE T-shirt!

Although there have been some quiet periods, the Cottage on the EDGE has been live for almost two years now, and we are looking to ways the improve the Blog as well as looking for other services and initiatives that our readers would find useful.

This post is all about asking YOU to help us...

... and for your efforts we will enter you in to a draw for an on-the-EDGE T-shirt.  The contest ends May 31, 2010, but each genuine comment gets a ballot.

We have been experiemnting with a discussion forum and an online store, if you haven't looked at them take a look now, but we are looking for more ideas:
  • What topics should we blog on?
  • If we were to write and offer an eBook...  what should it be about?
  • Would a section on reviewing tools and materials be of use?
We are interested in any and all constructive ideas!

For contest details and rules click here.

So enter a ballot... give us a comment below