Adding a Doggie Ramp to the Dock

The doggie ramp...
My son`s dog, Delilah, is a British and French bulldog crossbreed. She is so muscular that has difficulty floating, hence, getting out of the water at the cottage is very difficult.

So I built a dogggie ramp so she could just walk out of the lake.

I recycled an old section of the dock, adding some lumber to strengthen the end to be attached to the existing dock.  To attached it I used two hinges so the dock could float up and down at one end.

What do you think...

Roasting a Whole Chicken on the Cottege BBQ

I have been a pretty boring BBQ chef until just recently.  While I am great at steaks, ribs, burgs, dogs and veggies, that is pretty much the extent of my BBQ skills.

Last time Jackie and Trevor were up they educated us on roasting a whole chicken.  Here I am basting the chicken.  Boy did it turnout GREAT!

So I am eager to break out of the routine and experiment on the BBQ!


A New Tradition for Guests

We instituted a new tradition last year for guests to leave something behind.

We have the obligatory guest book were guests leave up a message, and tell us of their adventures while staying at the EDGE.

But we also hope they will paint a small 'sign' of their stay.  We provide all the materials. The guests provide the creativity.  Here we see Trevor painting up a storm.

We nail the 'signs' that guest leave behind to the ceiling of the gazebo.  So we have a growing mosaic of creativity and messages from past guests for yo to muse at while sipping a cold one on the gazebo.