About the Cottage on the Edge

The Cottage on the Edge is all about making dreams reality! It is also a blog and website about DIY cottage construction and renovation...

The dream started over twenty years ago when I placed a small down payment on a lot by a lake that was over two and a half hours away.  Well skip ahead a few decades to May 2008, and finally the shovel finally began the excavation for the cottage foundation.  Lots of blood, sweat and tears, and this past winter - January 2010 - I can confidently say the cottage is finished.

Well almost!  There is always something to do...

Follow us we we describe how we built the cottage almost solely ourselves, and how we experimented, laughed and cried, as we did it.  We hope you find in this blog the inspiration for your cottage project.

In here you will find:
  • Building tips and guides
  • Howto's and Dont's
  • Suggestions for Materials, Suppliers and Sources.
While the cottage DIY projects will continue, they won't be as time consuming and thus I will have more time to devote to this blog and website.  In fact we have plans to add:
  • A Cottage DIY discussion forum
  • Reviews on tools, materials, suppliers, and more
  • A Cottage Store
About Gary Gudbranson
Gary is the webmaster for Cottage on the Edge and its primary blog poster. His dream of a Cottage on the Edge is now firmly with his grasp, with the help of his Wife and three sons, and a whole crew of other helpers to which we are all very grateful. Still there are many more things to build and now fix at the Cottage...

When not at the Cottage, Gary is a executive, and also manages two other exciting website blogs at www.bootstrapmentors.com and www.justenoughmarketing.com

Stay Tuned...
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