What to do with ALL those Rocks?

We have been collecting a lot of rocks.  Flat Ones, Round Ones, Small Ones, Big Ones, and some really Big Ones!

During the construction and subsequent landscaping there were a lot of rocks that appeared as a result of raking, shoveling, and moving various piles of sand and other types of fill.

Never one to waste we collected these in several convenient (and some not so convenient) places all over the cottage lot.

Collecting for what you may ask...
Well there was method in our madness. We intend to use the stones and rocks to line the cutout for the entrance driveway, and in this way eliminate the constant pruning and weeding of the plants that are constantly trying to reclaim the entrance to the driveway.  We think it will add some aesthetics to the entrance to the cottage as well. 

That landscaping task will start in the Spring -- there is chopping of wood for the winter that needs to happen first...

The picture is kind of a nice Fall picture as well! Don't you think?