Cottage Full of WiFi: Tamagotchi Tag or Pirate Ninja?

Credit: iStockPhoto- Patrycja Loeppky
**A guest post by Alexis Bonari - see below**

There's a sad truth that all children must one day learn.

Awesome thing A + Awesome thing B does not always = Thing of awesometastical-fragi-magiwastical-ness.

It's this formula that forewarns you that peperoni pizza and ice cream don't make the best thing ever, or that water balloon Tamagotchi tag will just end in tears.

There are, however, those rare occasions when it all goes horribly right: video games about cooking, bottles of water, and pirate ninjas, for instance.

So, here's the million dollar question:

What do we classify "Lovely Cottage + WiFi" as?

Nothing works better than active research...But that can be kind of boring. Which is why we'll be making a speculative Pros and Cons list instead!

1. You can Google what type of beetle just claimed your sandwich.
2. When you discover that slightly florescent purple daisy, you can blog about it right away.
3. You can spend the day inside, reading blogs about cottages.
4. You can spend the day inside, writing blogs about cottages.
5. If there's a depressing lack of wildlife outside, you can watch Youtube videos of wild deer.
6. When a rainbow appears outside, you can film it and upload your "It's A Full Single Rainbow!" video without delay.
7. You can invent your own social networking website, MyCottage.
8. You can download realistic bird sounds to wake up to.
9. Alternatively, you can save your connection by listening to birds outside.
10. Instead of going out to see if the weather is alright, and possibly getting attacked by insta-rain, you can just check

1. If the power goes out, you might be wishing you brought an Etch a' Sketch.
2. You absolutely have to keep your windows closed... Lest a squirrel break in and hack into your Twitter account.
3. If the above does happen, "#tackatackatacka" will become the most obnoxious Trending Topic to ever be created.
4. Through the use of you might try to raise a wild animal. Hey, that was voted the Best Answer.
5. You could, quite possibly, meet a date on Facebook... only to learn that they're really just the doe outside.
6. You'll try to change the term "Internet Troll" to "Internet Garden Gnome".... It won't work.
7. Woodpeckers are the highest rated snitchers when it comes to pirating music.
8. Butterflies are the second highest.
9. If the aforementioned squirrels hear you typing, it might mistake the sound for it's battle screech of "tacka-tacka-tata-tacka-ta-tacka".
10. You'll find yourself writing dozens and dozens of these lists. Though this only counts if you missed a "Watership Down"-type battle outside.

This Post is care of one of our guest bloggers: Alexis Bonari is a freelance writer and blog junkie. She is currently a resident blogger at College In her spare time, she enjoys square-foot gardening, swimming, and avoiding her laptop.