I'll never use another extention ladder again!

I have come to appreciate a new ladder, "World's Greatest Multi-Use Ladder", which I purchased at Costco. You can find a great review of the ladder at www.inspectorsjournal.com. It isn't a 'Little Giant' but it is very close! and at less than half the price ($139.99) it fits the bill!

I have found that the "World's Greatest Multi-Use Ladder" is vastly superior to the standard extension ladder in the following ways:
  • It is less awkward to move and setup
  • It is much more stable on just about any kind of ground conditions. This is particularly comforting to me as I am not a big fan of heights so having a more stable platform just makes the job go quicker
  • It is great on sloped work site - like the side of the hill that the "Cottage on the Edge" rests. The step ladder mode an have different lengths of 'ladder for each side of the step ladder. In such a configuration the ladder is very stable and much easier to level and secure.
  • I can work on a larger area without having to move the ladder. For instance, when putting up the 50-inch joists for the deck, the double-sided nature of the ladder in step ladder mode means I can get to both ends of the joist without having to move the ladder. Not having to constantly move the ladder saves time - big time!
  • Furthermore, two people can work on the ladder in step ladder mode, which is really a time saver, for instance, when installing the joists I mentioned above. Each person can be working in one end of the joist.
This ladder converts without tools to: 4 positions as a step ladder, 8 heights as an extension ladder, 6 positions as a stairway ladder, 3 heights as a scaffold, and 3 heights as a wall ladder. Great for use on stairs.