Conquering My Fear of Heights

My one true phobia is heights!

I understand that at times it is quite irrational, but as phobias are they rule the roost. So you can imagine the fun I had building the beams over the lakeside deck pictured at the right.

The picture actually does do justice to the actual height. It appears only to be two stories tot he top of the post where the tow beams pictured here needed to be attached. What you don't see is that this edge of the property drops off dramatically below this corner of the deck. It is more like 3 or even 4 stories looking down perched on the top of a ladder while nailing the beam in place.

Fortunately, my sons don't share my fear of heights, as you can see Nathan, relaxing during a break. He is perched on the window sill of the picture window in the livingroom in this picture...