6 Tips for Safely Keeping Hydrated on the Work Site

The weather this summer has been hot and very humid! It is sometimes difficult to remember to keep yourself hydrated. the heat and simply working hard means you are sweating out and using up precious fluids. Without replenishing them you can very quickly get in to medical problems - at the very least exhaustion and sore muscles (perhaps cramps) to the worst case such as severe dehydration and shock.

Right from the start I set up a hydration center with both water and a cooler with sport drinks. Here are a few tricks and tips I have learned from the experts or experience:
  • When you sweat you loose more than just water - you loose precious electrolytes and other goodies that your body needs. So just drinking water can set these electrolytes dangerously out of balance causing cramps for instance.
  • I like to alternate between a sport drink and just water to alleviate these problems - and it works!
  • I set up the hydration centre in the shade. Once the basement was covered with the floor I placed it there. Not only was it in the shade but the basement was just cooler.
  • Provide places to sit. Everyone is on their feet slaving away. When taking a break, having a comfortable seat to rest your fanny is sure nice - especially for this old man...
  • Top keep the drinks cool, I use a portable cooler with a cooling system. It isn't a fridge but certainly provided adequate welcome chilling of the drinks. Remember I have a generator going a good 50% of the time, so power is readily available.
  • Stay away from alcoholic beverages. Contrary to popular myth they actually make the de-hydration worse, let alone the safety issues of alcohol on a job site. Beer is best left to the end of the day celebration and even then in moderation.