10 Tips for a Safe Cottage Construction Site

I am a bit of a stickler for safety on the our Cottage construction site, and it is paying off as we haven't had any major injuries other than a few cuts and bruises.

My rules are simple:
  1. Eye protection shall be used with ALL power tools, and when hammering. This includes not only the operator of the tool but anyone helping them.
  2. Any power tool shall be removed from its source of power, BEFORE being adjusted or fixed. This includes both air and electrical tools.
  3. All falling hazards should be immediately covered safely or cordoned off.
  4. If you remove a brace or other board, the nails in it should be immediately removed.
  5. When a team of people are working on a particular task, the step shall be clearly understood before starting the task. There shall be a means of escape from danger for all members of the team
  6. All ladders shall be secured by a co-worker in situation where the ladder is no unstable soil, or the work is need a falling hazard.
  7. Working on a roof requires use of a safety harness.
  8. No one shall work alone when the work involves danger of falling, or the lifting of heavy materials.
  9. All work material, tools and debris or other items that pose a tripping hazard shall be removed from immediate work locations or placed in a safe nearby location with respect to the work activity.
  10. Take all precautions to protect yourself from environmental conditions: use sunscreen, drink plenty of fluids, wear rain gear, stop work(don't use power tools) and seek shelter in thunder storms,