A Really neat Gazebo Truss Hanger

A week ago I mentioned that we had completed the installation of the roof trusses. The last set of trusses we installed were for the gazebo roof. The roof rather unique in that it has 8 corners, and so requires trusses that radiate out from the center of the roof.

The truss system consists of eight trusses in total. Two of the trusses are identical and span the entire width of the gazebo. These two trusses are installed together. Actually these trusses are laminated to create a reinforced central span truss to which the other six trusses are attached to in the middle.

The really neat thing about the truss system is the cool special truss hanger that is used to nail all eight trusses together. It is called a MTHM/MTHM-2 Multiple Truss Hanger, is made by Simpson-StrongTie, and was included as part of the truss system built by Kent Trusses for Dale's Home Hardware Building Centre.

In the next post I will show a few pictures of the installed trusses for the gazebo.