Dock Building: Tip No 1

I dissembled the first dock I built and intended to scavenge it for parts for the new dock.  The metal hardware can be quite pricey so I was hoping to save a few dollars.

One of the hardware parts I was able to save were the clamps that hold the metal pilings (the dock legs) on the side of the dock.  But then I realized that the design of the old clamp was different than the newer ones.

The critical difference is where the clamping bolts are - these are the bolts that tighten against the pipe leg.  On the old version these stick straight out whereas on the newer version they stick out the the side.

I realised I compensated for the location of the bolts by installing the legs on the inside of the dock so they were not a safety hazzard.

I kind of like the new version -- I can imagine what it would feel like bumping up to the old version if I was a boat or worse still my naked back as I fall into the water...  Ouch!

The TIP:  Consider where and how you will be using the hardware as you build your dock and especially the safety considerations.