Take the Chill off Cool Evenings at the Cottage

In the previous post I shared our recent experience at the Spring Cottage Life Show in Toronto, Canada.  This show is a must attend if you have a cottage, either on land or floating (a boat).  If it is worth having it will be displayed at the show.  Fortunately this year we didn't break the bank spending but we did get some neat items.

One of those items was a patio heater made by Napoleon.  We really like the mini version (pictured at the right) because:

  • It was smaller, thus would fit our deck requirements
  • Had a choice of the 2 lb mini propane canisters or a hose attachment to the standard size propane tanks
  • The price was right.  There was a Show sale PLUS they threw in the hose attachment for standard tanks.
The reason for our purchase was in part the result of my wife suggesting that if we had a bit more 'heat' in the spring that she could enjoy the sun outside...  Me being a hot-blooded male not having an issue with the chill of early Spring...

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