How to get a Topographical Map of Your Cottage Lake

While at the Spring Cottage Life Show we dropped by the booth for Federal Publications Inc.(FedPub)  This is the organization that has the 'licence' to print and sell Federal publications - and the ones we were most interested in were their topographical maps.

At the booth, the process was quite easy - assisted by a person from FebPub.  We just explained where our cottage and lake was, and they found it on a computer.  We played around with the scale and orientation until we got it just right and then they printed the map right there!  We had a choice of photo paper or a water proof paper (great for nautical maps which they also can provide), as well as size.  And the price was right - just $19.95 for a 13" x 19" map.

Late last week we took the map in to Costco to have it framed.  It is due to be ready this week - when we get get it back I'll share the result with you.

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