The Cottage Life Show was Great! usual!

I have enjoyed the Cottage Life Show, especially the Spring version, every time that I have attended it, and this past show, we went on March 26th, did not disappoint.

It was quite helpful to discover new products, and help ideas on solving various problems and projects I hope to tackle in the future.  I was especially pleased that I didn't over spend this time.  We only purchase a topographical map of our Lake - with the purpose of framing it for the cottage, a BBQ skillet (for cooking eggs, etc), and a mini-propane 'patio' heater for those cool evenings on the deck.

I'll talk about all those items in up coming posts.

Coming Up:
  • A topographical map of our lake
  • The BBQ Skillet
  • A mini patio Heater (propane) heater
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