Installing Flooring: Use the Right Tools

Do yourself a favour:  get a rubber mallet.

They are  not very expensive and the mallet will make your DIY project to install under-flooring like in this picture or laminate flooring much faster, more precise, with less damage to the materials (including your fingers, knuckles and hands), and with far less cursing.  My wife will testify to that...

I believe it is worth the purchase even for a single flooring job.  Now that I have one there is always another DIY project where something needs a bit of persuading -- and nothing persuades like a rubber mallet!

Precisely because it is rubber, the mallet does not damage the material you are striking like a normal hammer would.  The rubber tends to give a more satisfyingly hardy 'strike' maybe because the striking surface has more real estate than a hammer.  There will be less glancing blows, less damage, and again less cursing.

My advice:  Get one!

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