No Curtains at the Cottage

We made some decisions on how we were going to cover or in our case NOT cover windows...

Let the view in!
The views from the windows of the cottage are quite beautiful - part of the allure of the cottage. Hence, we made a conscious decision not to put up window coverings and consequently hide the view.

No Modesty Required...
And besides... there is forest surrounding the cottage, thus no way neighbours can peer in.

There are two exceptions to the open window policy:

South Facing Windows:
We have only one window that gets direct sun in the summer, and that is the window in the master bedroom. To beat the heat of the sun in the summer we close the curtains -- but leave them open in the winter to soak up the warm sun rays.

One of the bathroom windows is two stories up so a peeping tom would have to be on a ladder - no curtains required.

However the basement bathroom faces on to the bottom gazebo so we bowed to a bit of modesty for guests.