Build a Simple Laundry Closet for the Cottage

It is our plan to eventually install a washer and dryer up at the cottage.

That probably won't happen for at least a year, however, I deem it necessary to provide a bit more self-contained living at the cottage. We have already left several changes of clothing, and of course sufficient changes of linen for all the beds. But for now we cart the laundry back and forth to town. I bit of a pain for now, but necessary.

The laundry facilities will come necessary when the family each start taken turns up at the cottage. The rule will be that each is responsible for making sure the linen gets a cleaning before they leave.

Modular, Accessible & Compact:
In order to consume as little space for the laundry facilities we built a laundry 'Closet'. It is essentially just enough room for the washer, dryer, maybe a laundry tub and some storage area. To make the space very accessible, and modular, we closed it in with three sections of folding door.

In our approach we used three 32-inch folding door sections (96 inches wide by 82 inches tall). A tricky decision, without having the washer and dryer in place, was imagining how to access the appliances -- and hence in what configuration to mount the three door (that is hope they should open).

As you can see we choose to have the double open sections to the right side.

Turned out quite nicely if I may say so myself -- With the doors closed the laundry gear will be nicely hidden away!