A Secret for a No Leak Shower Installation

It seems like a century ago that I installed our first (main floor) bathroom shower stall - but it has been only 10 months ago!

I happened on this picture the other day and it brought back memories of my experiences during the installation. I made several mistakes which I describe in the related articles below, however, I still recall what I thought was an unusual installation instruction at the time -- and that was how the base of the shower is installed.

Ensures a Leak Free Installation:
In order to install the shower base, the dry wall must be removed so that the base can be secured directly to the wall studs. In doing so the dry wall actually protrudes out over the base of the top flange of the base. This is a key engineering element because when you install the vinyl on the wall and caulk the wall along the base there is just no way the water can get behind the shower.

Voila! A leak free seam!

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