10 Tips for Installing a Kitchen... Part 3/3

In the previous 2 posts we discussed the first 3 tips:

1) Understand what you need/want in the Kitchen
2) Design, Plan
Prepare the site

4) Understand your capabilities
5) Use the right tools
6) Shop around

Here are the last 4 tips:

7) Get Muscle
Unless you are superman,assembling and installing cabinets is a two person job, not necessarily a two man job, so yes a couple can do it. So get help... a wife, brother, son, or in law...

8) Be patient
It takes time to assemble the cabinets, and even more time to install them. Double or even triple your estimate. After all you do not wish to make a mistake with expensive cabinets. Be sure to measure twice, and READ the instructions!

9) Follow the steps
The order of assembly and installation is generally important very important.
  • Do the wall cabinets first then the base cabinets
  • Start in the corner and work outwards
10) Don't argue
My wife added this one. She thinks it is the most important tip!

Suppliers mentioned:
Home Depot

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