Quiet Cupboard Doors!

We installed kitchen cupboards from IKEA. I intend to talk about the experience of installing an IKEA kitchen in a future post, however, I just have to share with you the neatest feature they have.

Actually I have installed an IKEA manufactured kitchen before and was quite please with the experience and the result so I did it again...

However this time around the cupboard hinges came with a mysterious extra piece, which took us a while to figure out. Truth be told we had to read the instructions to determine what they were let alone how to install them.

What were these mysterious add-ons? Well they act to damper the closing of the cupboards. You still need to get the cupboard doors to close but once they start the close these little babies take over.

As the short video illustrates the doors close softly without hardly a noise.

No more noisy, banging cupboard doors!

Gee! I wish I had discovered these things when the children were younger...

Coming Up:
In the next post we will illustrate the same feature for the IKEA drawers