10 Tips for Installing a Kitchen... Part 2/3

In the previous post we discussed the first 3 tips:

1) Understand what you need/want in the Kitchenen't living there 24/7 or at least not 2) Design, Plan
Prepare the site

Here are a few more tips

4) Understand your capabilities
Now you have to be honest with yourself with regards to your capabilities. Installing the various elements of a kitchen involves electrical, plumbing, woodworking, leveling, drilling, sawing, and lots of patience. If you feel you are lacking in one or more of those, don't fret just get help,

There are ways of doing the kitchen to get around some of these:
  • Hire an electrician
  • Hire a plumber
  • Hire a mason
  • Buy pre-built cabinets
  • Buy a pre-built counter-top
  • Get your handy brother-in-law to help
5) Use the right tools
The tools you need depend on what element you are doing and what materials you are using. But these are the key ones:
  • Hammer
  • Various screw drivers
  • Drill with a set of drill bits, hole saw and screw bits
  • level (4-foot and torpedo)
  • pencils
  • Jig saw
6) Shop around
So where do you buy the materials? Whether you use a big box store like RONA, Home Depot and IKEA or go to a specialty store (for instance for custom cabinets) depends on your budget and your levbel of DIY capability. Many of the big box stores catter to DIY and can suply the complete 'kit' necessary, and even help in the design -- and provide contractors to help in various parts of the job if necessary.

Because I am handy I was able to eliminate the cost of the labour, so much of my efforts were focused on getting the most cost effective cabinets - those that I could afford and at the same time my partner liked. We chose IKEA: they produce great looking cabinets that are both easy to assemble but affordable - not the cheapest but great value for your dollar.

In the next post we discuss the last 4 tips

Suppliers mentioned:
Home Depot

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