Reconstructing the Stairs to the Lake: Part 2

In the previous post I described why we had to reinstall the top section of  the stairs to the lake.  Here we give some insight to installing the top landing.

Because we were kind of working backwards from how this section of stairs and the landing was install originally, we secured the stair section first.

Installing the Stairs:
As I mentioned the top section of stairs was already completed, as it was just temporarily removed.  We simply refitted it to the new reality.  We first trimmed a bit from the bottom of the stair section lined it up and secured the bottom of the stairs to the second landing (this is out of the picture to the right).

We then drove two deck spikes and inserted a short piece of 4x4 pressure treated post on one side, and a 8 foot post on the other side.  After leveling the stairs we secured the stairs to the posts with framing with 3.5 inch deck screws.

Installing the Top Landing:
We drove two more deck spikes where the other two corners of the top landing would be and similarly secured the landing to all four posts, after leveling it of course.

We trimmed three of the posts down to the top of the landing, leaving the tall one as a future support for a motion detection flood light.

It was certainly a change -- not having to watch our step as we negotiated the top part of the stairs!

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