Reconstructing the Stairs to the Lake: Part 1

In order to dig the foundation, the contractor removed the top section of stairs that I had built some 8 years earlier.  He simply cut a few nails and used the shovel to lift it out of the way.

Once the foundation was completed and the 'hole' filled in we man-handled the section of stairs back in to place -- but we never secured it.  It was just kind of laying on the ground, almost at the right angel.

It really wasn't that safely secured, but I in our focus to get the cottage built not a priority.  So once the cottage was built, and pretty much finished, my son, Adric and I tackle the task of securing it.

It was one of those lazy day jobs from the task jar, that we did about mid-summer this year.  It turned out not to be a big job as all the main pieces, the section of stairs and the top landing were still in great shape.  Fortunately the contractor was gentle!

We simply leveled the stairs, trimmed the bottom a bit and then set to installing the top landing.

Coming Up:
In Part 2, I'll describe how we installed the landing.