Creating Clean Water: Adding a Sediment Filter

We were going through 30 micron and 5 micron filters very fast -- almost a set every month!

This was going to get expensive!

I did a little bit of research and discovered a self-cleaning filter made by a company called VU-FLOW FILTERS based out of Florida, USA.

This filter uses a unique spinning action in the filter to spin out the sediment in  the water which collects mostly on the bottom of the filter.  Cleaning the filter is easy - periodically, just turn the tap on the bottom and the sediment that collects is flushed out.

I also found it useful to remove and clean the stainless steel filter screen and wash it about every second flush.

The beauty of this system is that there are not consumables.  The sediment is filtered out but a stainless steel screen, which can be just cleaned and replaced.

I choose to use a 100 Micro filter, as the pre-filter to my 30 and 5 micron filters downstream.

Coming Up:
In the next post I will show you the complete filter set up.

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