Creating Clean Water: GE Household Filter

We draw water from the lake, hence, it has a bit more potentially bad things in it than well water so an effective filtration system is critical. Part of the system I have employed uses two GE filters that are rated for an entire house.

The model I used, GXWH20F, has some great attributes that make it easy to use:

1) the cartridge cover (this is called a sump) is clear so you can see what is happening to the filter.

2) 3/4 inch connections which fit our system perfectly

3) Pressure relief vent which makes filter changes easier

4) Filter reminder light which provides an alert when to change the filter cartridge

Installation Tips:

1) Install shut off valves on either side of the filters - so that you can stop the flow while changing filters

2) Install so that you can get at the sump covers easily to change the cartridges.

3) Install it as close to the source as possible so that you are protecting all of the system.

Coming Up:
We talk more about the UV filter

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