A Deck Built for Partying...

With the leaves down for the winter, pictures from beneath the cottage - from the lakeside - show a lot more of the cottage.

This picture provides an excellent view of the wrap-around deck with the gazebo in the middle.

...and it is truly built for partying. Lots of people can stand confidently on this deck. It was built using 6"x6" posts, plus a 8"x8" post to support the main beam under the gazebo. All the joists are 2"x10" lumber - attached with joist hangers. The main beam was laminated from four pieces of 1.75"x12" LVL.

The beauty of this deck is it provides for two levels of protected 'partying'. One off the main floor and a second under it. The lower area will have an interlocking stone floor.

As you see it now, the construction on the deck is postponed for the winter. Coming in the spring will be while vinyl clad railings, vinyl cladding for all the posts, and likely white aluminum covering of the beams under the roof.

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