My Toughts eactly....

Brad Dale at Dales Home Building Centre, forwarded me an article in the New York Times - online version. In his words...

I saw this article and thought of you. It's a good read.

It is indeed a great read, I invite you to read it when you have a moment.

I have been quite ill - with a cold of the century - and been laid up in bed for most of the past week. So my regular posting has taken a real hit.

The plan was to paint the cottage this upcoming weekend, however, that has been postponed a week as my drywall contract was snowed out for two days this past weekend. Hence he will need this weekend to catch up.

Coming Up:
I will be nevertheless be going up tot he cottage for a short visit on Sunday to 1) inspect the completed drywall work, and 2) to pay both the drywall contractor and my snow plowing contractor.

I should have more pictures to share next week.

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