Installing the Bathroom Exhaust Vents

A couple of weekends back I installed the vents for the exhaust for the bathroom vents.

The one for the basement bathroom exists just under the gazebo deck. The main bathroom vent exists out the side of the cottage.

Each location presented different challenges.

The basement bathroom vent posed a position challenge. The hole needed to be positioned so that the vent would fit between the two joists of the deck on the outside and between two floor joist on the inside. Fortunately it worked out! Cutting the hole was a bit tricky. I ended up drilling a center hole from the inside and then using this to measure a circle on the outside. I didn't have a 3-inch hole saw, (or one 3.5" so there would be some play) so I drilled a series of close 3/8" holes around the circle and then used a reciprocating saw to cut between the holes.

The main bathroom vent was routed through the attic and out the side of the attic wall. The key trick here was to ensure the exhaust pipe was sufficiently high enough to clear all the insulation that would be eventually place between and on the ceiling joists. Again without a large enough hole saw I drilled small holes along the circle and then cut the hole out with a reciprocating saw.

Future Posts:
In the next two posts I will discuss tips for selecting a good vent and tips for installation