Tiger Foam... The Spray Foam Kit and its set up

The Tiger Foam Kit I purchased is a Tiger Foam 600 bd. ft. Kit - FR. It was shipped in two boxes as seen in the previous post.

The kit comes with:
  • One tank of chemical A
  • One tank of chemical B
  • One hose and gun assembly
  • 6 fan nozzles
  • 4 straight nozzles
  • Tubes of petroleum jelly
  • Gloves
I also ordered extra nozzles, the Tyvek hazmat suit, and a Tiger Foam Particulant Respirator.

To that materials and tools list I added:
  • Goggles
  • A box knife
  • A clean cloth rag
Set up of the kit was very straight forward:
  1. Warm up the two chemical cylinders in the sun for about 4 hours. This is key to getting the system to work properly and to deliver ALL of the material in the tanks. The system works best between 75 and 85 degrees F - or when the tanks are warm tot he touch.
  2. First get your self protected.
    >Put on the Tyvek suit
    >Install the air filters in the respirator
    >Adjust the respirator so it has a tight air seal around your face
    >Put on your goggles and gloves
  3. Take the tanks to the location you will be using them
  4. Plan out your spray foam operation
  5. Connect the hose to the tanks (red to A and black to B) - make sure the connections are tight
  6. Put a lump of petroleum jelly on the gun, and then snap on the nozzle you need - I used the fan nozzle 99% of the time.
  7. Test the gun and nozzle...
My Experiences:
  • The 600 bdft kit was just he right size to spray foam the basement. I had hoped to have some left over to do windows and doors but that didn't happen
  • I use the fast rise version because I was predominantly spraying on the walls rather than spaces
  • Be sure to read ALL the instructions as there are plenty of tips and trick to make the job go way and to not waste material.
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