6+ Spray Foam Tips and Tricks

While the overall process was easy, getting the right thickness of material, and covering all the area took some trial and error. Not a big deal actually, because mistakes just meant that I sprayed more foam than required and that it didn't look pretty. All my initial mistakes were all still very functional.

Here are some tips:
  1. Plan out your work flow. Make sure ALL of the surfaces you are going to spray are unobstructed, and if you are going from one area to another you can easily move. Time is crucial as you will come to understand.
  2. Change the nozzle tips if you stop for 30 seconds or have been spraying constantly for 5 minutes. The instructions state 8 minutes but I found that the performance was better if I switched them out sooner. The issue here is the foam hardens in the nozzle at the same rate as on the wall so eventually the nozzle will plug up and do all kinds of nasty stuff to the gun. The hose is only about 8 feet long so I found that the area I could do from one location consumed just about that time - so I changed nozzles every time I moved the tanks. Strategically place the spare nozzles and petroleum jelly packets along your work path.
  3. Ease the gun trigger on - don't pull it hard and fast. About half trigger at the beginning is all that is required, or you will get too much material and have a lumpy result.
  4. Use a medium speed movement from top to bottom and then back again rather than side to side. Use smooth long strokes rather than jerky short ones.
  5. Don't fix minor missed areas immediately. I found I used less material in a wasteful way if I ignored my minor mistakes and came back to them later in a second pass.
  6. Use the right nozzle for the right job. Use the fan nozzle for the wide areas of wall and the cone nozzles for filling cavities.
2 Extra Safety Tips:
  1. Make sure your whole face, hands and arms are covered buy the goggles, respirator and suit. While not toxic the over spray, and there isn't much, is a real pain to remove. I promise you you will lose hair...
  2. Open all the windows and doors to completely ventilate the area.