Tiger Foam... Doing Spray Foam the Mike Holmes way...

A critical element of framing a basement is creating a water barrier between the wood framing and the concrete wall. This can be done in a number of ways but the most common is to use a 6 mil vapour barrier.

Another emerging approach is to use a 1-2 cm foam coating on the concrete wall. This is the approach we used. Incidentally, this is also the favourite practice on the TV renovation show "Holmes on Homes".

The spray foam approach is not inexpensive but is definitely superior to the 6 mil approach in a number of ways:
  • Save on heating and cooling as spray foam provides added insulation - about R-7 value per inch of thickness
  • A better seal against moisture and air as it creates a complete vapour barrier behind and integrated with the wall framing
The challenge for cottage country is that the extra cost to have a contractor do the spray foam is excessive. The solution was a DIY spray foam kit that I found from Tiger Foam. Purchasing from Tiger Foam was an absolute delight!
  • They have two sizes(200 & 600 BD ft) and two types (fast & slow rise)
  • They ship next day in most cases
  • Gave a quickie lesson on how to use it with important tip on the phone - when I ordered - AND maintain a call line for support
  • The kit and instructions were simple and very easy to use.
  • Provided all the accessories like the HASMAT hooded suit and air breather
NEXT: In future posts I will discuss:
  • The Tiger Foam 600 bd. ft. Kit - FR
  • How to use the spray foam kit
  • Tips on DIY Spray foam