The Snow is finally gone!!!!

I was up to the cottage lot twice on the weekend and please to discover that the snow is finally gone!

I borrowed my eldest son's pickup truck to take two loads of 'stuff' destined for the cottage. Not only have I been planning the construction of the cottage over the past few weeks I have also been packing up at my home.

The background:
I got married just under two years ago. At the time we decided that she would move into my place for the first few years and we would rent her place. I just sold my place and now that we are consolidating to my wife's home we have an abundance of furniture. The new home is already furnished so except for the clothes on our backs virtually all the furniture in the current place is targeted for the cottage. Just as well as my place was furnished in early Canadian bachelor.

So the two loads in the pickup truck this weekend consisted of patio furniture, workbench, tents -- you know the stuff that accumulated in your garage. Fortunately we have a large storage shed up at the Lot -- which is getting filled to the brim.

My closing date is May 15th, so we are moving into the new (for me) home next weekend. "Wait you say... where is your furniture going? the cottage isn't built yet!!" Well I have a solution for that... it is going into storage, but a unique storage operation which I will explain in a future post.