And the Foundation Contract goes to...

Another reason I was up to the Cottage Lot this past week end was to meet with one of the two contractors I asked for a quote to build the foundation.

In the request for quote each were asked to bid on the following:
  • Excavate
  • Install forms & pour concrete footings and walls per the supplier plans
  • Install drainage tile
  • Install water entrance sleeve (so I can bring in the water line from the lake)
  • Install and pour 16 piers for the surround deck
  • Pour the basement floor
  • Backfill with stone and overburden as required
I met Saturday with Doug Zacharias. He has a company called Doug Zacharias Trucking Ltd and operates out of Otter Lake. I have used Doug previously to clear the lot and put in a driveway from the road. He also installs septic systems but I haven't contracted for that yet as I am waiting for the septic engineer's report.

Doug arrived around noon, and after a chat we got down to discussing the location of the cottage. Doug had some good suggests and recommendations on where the cottage should be placed. The changes were not dramatic if fact his suggest was to pull it away from the lake and towards the road about 15 feet. In doing so the lakeside knee-wall would not need to be as deep and/or high thus saving a lot of concrete.

We discussed the distance of the cottage from the east lot line, about 12 feet, and the potential location for the septic system. As for the septic system, that still needed to be confirmed by the engineer's report, however, having done a few I was sure Doug was right on in his prediction.

One final element was the window in the concrete wall. Doug offered to put these in at an additional $200. I liked the idea - one less thing for me to do - and it is better to embed them at pouring time anyway.

Bottom-line was the quoted price was good, and my past experience with Doug cemented (sorry for the pun) the deal.

To round out some of the logistics we discussed:
  • Basement Floor: When I needed to put in the rough plumbing for the basement. This needs to be done prior to pouring the basement floor. His primary concern was that it be done when the cottage was built so the concrete is not affected by any rain and wreak the 'polished' floor. I suggested that right after the floor was put it would work as I intended to cover the floor with a tarp AND that the cutout in the floor for the stairwell would be perfect for access to the basement.
  • Timing: I need the foundation to be completed before June 6th, excluding the basement floor. Doug agreed that target would be easily reached.
  • Payment: This is still I'll get back to you on, as I suspect he needs to discuss it with his subs. But the last time it was pay at the end of the job. Give the size of the amount I would be prepared to pay in two installments, one up front and one after the job is complete.
So the first phase of the project, planning, is coming to an end, and execution is starting with the foundation going in by the end of May.

Doug can be reached at (819) ) 453-7830 or by eMail.