Finding a Backhoe, is becoming a problem...

The plan is to do as much of the construction as possible to keep the out of pocket cost for labour as low as possible. I am fortunate to have three strapping adult sons, two of which have significant experience in construction.

My eldest in fact is a heavy equipment operator. So I thought I had the perfect solution for excavating for the foundation and the septic system. However, I am encountering some obstacles.
  1. All equipment like backhoes must have a vehicle license and plate in Quebec - so I can't bring one from Ottawa, Ontario
  2. The distance from Ottawa to Otter Lake (where the cottage lot is) is about 125 km
  3. I can't find a local backhoe that doesn't come with an operator (hence labour cost)
So it looks like bringing a backhoe up from Ottawa is not going to happen, and getting a local backhoe without and operator is looking to be difficult. I can get a backhoe (sans operator) in Hull, Quebec and have it delivered but the cost of renting the backhoe and the transportation to get it up to the lot is turning out to be more than the cost to get a local backhoe and operator.

So it looks like if I wish to keep close to the budget then I will likely have to use a local backhoe and operator.

Stay tuned I am still investigating.