In the Beginning: Clearing the Lot

I purchased the lot way back in November 1989, and was full of energy to get the project started. The cottage project that is...

First came the clearing, which took a full summer of off and on. There seemed to be a lot more black flies then...

I had purchased my first chainsaw - I own two of them now!

Then hockey happened! With two sons in competitive hockey, a growing career and the dream of the cottage took the back seat.

It wasn't until ten years latter that the project got started again. Of course the lot was overgrown again by then so more clearing needed to be done. With a spot cleared, at the top or as I call it 'on the edge' then I hired a feller with a bulldozer and a dump truck to cut a driveway in from the road, and to clear and level where the cottage would go.

And the first thing I bought and built for the lot... You guessed it -- a picnic table!

More stories from the beginning, coming next!
(I have to fill the time while I wait for quotes, estimates and that darn snow to melt!)