Quoting Wars: Home Depot 2; Rona 0

I promptly received a call this morning from Mark Leger who is the supervisor at the contractor desk at Home Depot. It was a pleasant call. He asked a few clarifying questions, and then addressed two issues in the request for quote.

First he suggested that he not quote on the sections involving items that require choice, if fact he was very intuitive and further to say that perhaps these are items that would require my better half in the decision making process... as if us men ever have a choice when it comes to picking styles and colours! Rather he said he would concentrate on the construction materials.

Secondly, he suggested that would not be in my best interest to insist on a 90-day quote guarantee as lumber costs are dropping, so I would miss out on any savings.

He thought that I would have a quote by Friday.

No word from Rona - enough said...

The bottom line is
  • Home Depot: 2
  • Rona: 0
  • Home Build Centre: n/a (they haven't received the RFQ yet)

Coming up: I am traveling up to the cottage lot this weekend for two reasons. First to check out the depth of the snow and how it is melting so I can gauge when operations can start. Secondly, I need to visit Bobby Dale at the Home Hardware Building Centre in Otter lake to start the quoting process with him.