Finally a Word from RONA...

Well after waiting almost three weeks, I decided to call RONA, if only to give them a piece of my mind on Friday.

I called the main number and asked for the contractor's desk, and got to a cashier. I politely explained that I was looking for a quote on the material list I have left... She said " Oh! you need the contractor desk..." duh!

After weaving through a few more people I was finally connected to the contractor desk, and speaking to the head cheese at the time, I got the message "Oh yes, I emailed that to you a week ago". I obviously didn't get it in my email, but giving them the benefit of the doubt I suggested that it may have been spammed out and asked to have it resent... "But sir it was just an alert that your quote was ready, now you just need to come in an get it".

In my glee that I was about to get my first materials quote I said "Great I will be over this evening to get it!"

So Friday evening, and at the contrctor's desk, I get a blank look from the lady at the desk. Essential saying 'Gee! I haven't a clue where to look'. Fortunately the head cheese, linkely anticipating that the off commercial hours staff were 'clueless', said to direct them to look in the centre island location and look for an envelope with my name on it.

Well Madam Clueless, proceeded after my passed-on directions to pull out almost every file folder on the 'center island'. I became privy to the building plans of several to become customers of RONA, before finally my file was discovered.

With the quote in hand I proceeded home, after a detour to the grocery store, two in fact, eager to crack open the quote.

While RONA won the honours of the first to get me a quote it turned out to be wanting in a number of respects. The major issue with the quote is that they picked and choose what items they quoted on. The only basis seemed to be what was easy to quote. The biggest item missing was a quote for the roof trusses - a key component.

I guess RONA should get some points for responding the fastest, however, everything else was a disaster. Perhaps we will give them a half a point - just to indicated that they did play in the game - but perhaps a different game, or league than the rest...

You will understand if I don't call them back...
"The Canadian How to People" - give me a break, I am embarrassed to say they are a Canadian company...

So far:
Home Depot: 3
RONA: 0.5 (out of the game...)
BMR: 0.5
Home hardware: 1