BMR Matereials Quote Update

I also called BMR (Building Materials & Renovations) on Friday as I had noticed their number on my telephone. They hadn't left a message the both times they called but I thought I should call them.

Another telephone journey nightmare. I went through the main desk, the lumber desk, then a contractor sales person and finally to the head of the contractor's department. Bottom line no one have heard of me or my request for a quote.

I described the material quote and the attached plans to the head honcho at the Contractors department, and finally a gleam of hope appeared. He said "Oh! yes! I think Sergio was working on something like that. --- let me investigate and call you back."

As you can guess I didn't get a call back on Friday!

Score remains:

Home Depot: 3
RENO: 0.5 (complete)
BMR: 0.5 (I resisted adding a minus 1 tot he score)
Home Hardware: 1