Material Quotes: an Update

Well if you been following the saga, I have given a request for quote to four suppliers:
  • Home Depot (two weeks ago)
  • Rona (two weeks ago)
  • BMR (one week ago)
  • Home Hardware Building Centre (one week ago)
Here is an update:

Home Depot called yesterday to first apologize for being tardy but also to ask a few questions abut the material list.

BMR I know has called because their telephone number is registered on my home phone - twice in fact, and I suspect once on my cell phone. However, they never left a message. I will call them on Monday.

No word from RONA.

No word from Home Hardware but we had a good meeting over the material list last weekend so I wasn't really expecting a call.

So the score so far is:

Home Depot: 3
BMR: 0.5
RONA : 0
Home Hardware: 1

Coming up this week:
  • Call the septic system engineer to get him in to do the survey
  • Call two contractors for a quote on the foundation
  • Touch base (call) the building inspector
  • Find a electrician