The "Plan" - creating the Schedule...

I have been spending the better part of every evening for the past two weeks creating the plan. For me the plan includes a couple of components:

1) The Schedule
2) The Material List
3) Supplier List
4) Contractor List

The first that I have tackled is the Schedule.

I started out using a spreadsheet but quickly discovered this was not going to be an adequate way to create dependencies among the various tasks. As you add new tasks - and you always forget something - the new tasks will cause a ripple effect through the schedule.

So I needed a formal project management software!

My three key criteria for selecting for a project management software were:
  • Free
  • Complete enough
  • Simple to use
The "free' criteria being the most important!

After a not so thorough Internet search I have settled on software called jxProject ( This project software is exactly what I need - it has just enough functionality:
  • Enter, link, and constraint tasks
  • Enter and constrain various resources
  • Print
I had downloaded and installed the software, in just a few minutes, and had my first version of the schedule in just a few hours!

I now had the schedule printed and taped to my home office wall. And it is is becoming very useful as I discuss the project with my work team - my three sons...