Is the snow going to end?

I am in the planning stages! The preliminary schedule is based on breaking ground on May 10th. However, with over 350 cm of snow on the ground and as much as 40 cm more to come this weekend, I am beginning to be concerned that the start date may be in jeopardy.

The reason is there are some critical requirements. The key one is getting the building permit... and that is dependent on getting an engineering report for the type and placement of the septic system. Each of these steps requires time... anywhere from two to 4 weeks for each. Working back from May 10th, let's assume best case for each... say 2 weeks for each. Then that means the engineer needs to survey the cottage lot the first week of April.

It gets ugly... With near 400 cm of snow so far (to March 9th) - right now there is well over four feet of snow on the ground up at the cottage lot, is that snow going to disappear? ...and the ground frost be out by the first week of April?

If I was a betting man... I would say not!