The "Plan" - creating the Material List

It took best part of a week, well evening each night after work, to create the Material list.

The architect plans for the Cottage came with a material list, however, I found them to be a bit wanting. First the materials needed to be updated to those I could actually get here in Eastern Ontario. And then there are the myriad of small changes to the plans that mean changes to the materials required.

With list complete, well almost, my wife and I were off to Home Depot on Saturday. I didn't need a formal quote yet, so I just walked the aisles and discovered prices and learned about various options to consider. The staff at Home Depot were actually very helpful, in two departments, electrical and windows/doors, a store person stuck with us through the entire list for that section. That made the process go much faster.

Well at about 7 PM my wife says, "Gary, we have been here for nearly 4 hours". I was floored - I had lost all track of time - I guess I was having too much fun...

Well so far the material list is standing at just shy of $65,000.