Bringing Water to the Cottage

I have chosen to pump my water up from the Lake. The water in the lake is quite good and I already had installed a temporary pumping system.

I am using a submersible pump - so it is sitting at the bottom of the lake about 20 feet off the shore line. The supply line runs up the hill to the cottage. The height, or head as it is called in pumping lingo, is about 70 feet. The cable tied to the supply line is the power for the pump.

To protect the combination of water supply pipe and the power wires the entire length of the pipe from the lake to the entry point at the cottage is encased in 4" plastic weeping tile pipe (the stuff with no holes in it).

The supply pipe and the power line enter a 4" sleeve that was put in pace before the foundation was back filled. The sleeve enters the basement through the footing. We of course threaded the supply pipe and wire through the sleeve after the foundation was poured. This was a tough feat requiring all the strength of my son and I to pull the pipe/wire combination through the sleeve after fishing a pull line from inside the basement.

This is a picture of the supply line entering the basement through the sleeve in the footing. We had not yet pulled though the entire length required hence the wires are not visible yet. Once the package was though I cut the supply line and clamped on a 90 degree elbow and pipe extension. The exit point on the basement side of the footing was further protected by more tile pipe and the whole area supported and buried in crushed stone.

The combination of water supply pipe and power wires encased in the 4" tile pipe runs on the ground beside the stair from the top to the lake. The tile pipe was threaded over the supply pipe and wires. This turned out to be more difficult than expected. One of the obstacles to slipping the tile pipe over the supply line was the cable ties holding the wires tot he supply line.

The solution was to slip the tile pipe on in sections of 20 - 30 feet, and using tile connectors at each joint.