No Water! Our First Major Cottage Repair

We have been very fortunate...  Until now!

Last weekend the water stopped.  What I am really saying is... the water, which we get from the Lake stopped flowing.  I am not sure what the problem is -- all I know is that the pump when it is turned on and the pressure gets below the lower cut-in -- it does not pump water.  So we have no water in the pressure tank now, hence no water to flush toilets, drink, etc...  Unless we bring it with us to the cottage.

It is winter so I likely will not be able to confirm what the problem is until Spring.  It could one of the following problems:
  1. The pipe into the lake has frozen.  I have a Heat-line system which is supposed to keep the pipe unfrozen for the length of pipe that goes through the  ice in the lake.  However, the freezing could be happening before or after this heated length of pipe.
  2. The Pump is stuck in the mud, hence, just is unable to pump water.
  3. The Pump is burnt-out because of (1) or (2)
  4. The pressure value on the tank is not functioning properly, and hence is not telling the pump to come on.
The investigation for all of these issues will have to wait until the Spring, or at least a sufficient thaw to get at the pipe and pump in the lake.  Brrrrrrrr.....

I am hoping that  the issue is (1) or (2) because those are easy fixes.  A burnt-out pump (3) will be a real pain to replace.  Replacing the pressure switch (4) will be an easier task.

Stay tuned, I will update during the investigation and repair.

Coming Next:
In an upcoming post I will describe the 'drain-back' water system we have at the cottage.   

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