WOW! Another Deck

My wife said "You must like building Decks!"

I guess I do, or at least that is what I am good at. I choose to build a deck ramp rather than use interlocking stone (it was a consideration) because it fit better with the look of the retaining wall, was easier, and fit with the approach used at the EDGE.

I am sure the project was much faster than learning how to do interlocking stone, likely less expensive and heck, I can do these in my sleep.

We have a bit of a water problem just outside of the bottom gazebo of the Cottage.  A water problem.  Not all the time as the eaves trough seem to be able to handle the volume most of the time.

But this spring and again in the summer we have had some massive rain storms which dumped more water than the eaves can handle.  The result was a lot of water falling through the deck and creating a river that washes sand on to the bottom deck.

The solution was to build a retaining wall to direct the water away from the deck and to eventually place some weeping tile to direct the water.

So a couple of weekends ago I built what you see:  a retaining wall and a new deck.  The deck is more of a ramp from the gazebo out to the top of the stairs that take you down to the lake.

The project is not quite finished as I need to put in the weeping tile which will be installed outside of the the retaining wall and under the new deck ramp.

Coming Up: 
In an upcoming post I will update you on the progress of the drainage system I put in.