New Lake Toys, and Dock Shed

We have had some water toys, namely the canoe, kayak and sailboat for sometime, but no place to store them away safely down at the dock.

Well the project to solve that issue began late last season.

A 'boat' shed to hold and store the water toys was began last fall and completed this spring with the addition of a steel roof (my first steel roof... BTW).

Aside:  Those two black tire thingy's in the bottom right of the picture are two of the four anchors I created last fall and have yet to use (see links below).

Sailboat & Fishing Boat to come
My son Nathan and I have been refinishing a sailboat I built over 15 years ago, in our spare time over the spring and summer.  It is a cute 12.5-foot gaft-rig made of mahogany (luan).  He wishes to use it to fish so we have strengthened the transom so that it could accommodate an electric trolling motor.  The sail boat will fit nicely under the canoe once we bring it done to the dock later this summer. (More on that project later)

Dock Shed (Not shown)
We also added a dock shed, which is to the right of the boat shed to store life-jackets, paddles, etc..

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