Every Bunkie needs a Loft...

A loft makes a Bunkie a young person magnet!

There is something about sleeping up high that makes it fun for kids. And our bunkie loft is no different, so we had to make it accessible and safe.

So as part of the renovations this summer we build and installed a permanent step ladder and a guard railing.

Both were made with cedar for looks, longevity and most of all to keep maintenance to a bare minimum.  Plus I like the smell!

The Ladder
It was a tight fit so the only safe alternative was a permanently installed step ladder.  I built it with standard step height of 7 inches -- so it is very kind to short little legs.

Each of the steps are inlay-ed in to the stringers by a half-inch and glued.  To make sure the ladder stays together I used a threaded rod to bolt the stringers together roughly a third of the distance from the top and bottom.  The ladder is secured to the loft at the top.

The Safety Rail
The safety rail is pretty much a standard deck railing with the exception that it is a bit shorter.  I made sure the spacing between the 'rails' met building code (<4 inches) by using a piece of 2x4 to space them.

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