Thank you, Bill

A dear relative, and friend, Bill Rogers passed away this morning.  After a painful fight with cancer, it is comforting to know that he passed away peacefully in his sleep. 

I, as well as most of his closest loved ones, was fortunate to visit with him one last time over the last few weeks.  While he seemed to be his open and caring self it was clear that he was living through bouts of extreme discomfort.

His illness, impending death and now his death, has quite affected me.  At first I found this to be very disconcerting -- wondering why his death is affecting me so much greater than that of others in my life recently.  At first I thought it was a sudden realization that I too am potentially closer to the end myself, but further introspection tells me I am not at all afraid of death.

Rather... I think that it is the impact that Bill had on my life and how it so changed my life to have known him that has so profoundly affected me.  You see I have come to know that Bill through our long discussions (often over a glass of wine and about anything), his perspective, and nonjudgmental philosophy has opened my mind to possibilities.  He gave me confidence to believe in myself.

In fact the Cottage on the EDGE, was built because Bill, whether he knew it or not, gave me the courage and strength to believe in myself... that I could do it.

Thank You Bill!