Cottages are Medicine... Magic

I can't express how nice it is to have the Cottage finished.  After basically two years of solid work - up to the cottage least every second weekend - through some hard slugging , we have been enjoying the cottage for almost a year now.

Sure there is always things to do, but there is no urgency to them.  If we don't feel very energetic it becomes a totally mental health weekend - it can wait (usually).  It is so great just going up to the cottage to spend the weekend, paddling the canoe, walking the woods, reading a book on the deck, or just sleeping away a warm summer afternoon snuggled in a hammock.

I especially enjoy special times, like last weekend.  It was Lucie's birthday...  she won't let me tell you which one. We woke up late, went for a winter walk, I leisurely cooked dinner and baked her a cake.  Somehow the cake just seemed to taste that much better.

We love having family and friends up - the cottage has a way of making people important again.  Conversations become open and there doesn't seem to be any reason to stop - except when the weekend is over.

Our only disappointment is that we nor our extended family can use the Cottage every weekend or week.  So for that reason we have decided to offer the cottage to people who need the medicine that a Cottage brings to relationships and life in general.  Stay tuned -- details to come.